I’ve been in a not-great headspace about these midterms for a while, guys. With the endorsement of my shrink, Dr. Waterford (also seen here), I went back on the antianxiety medication I had to take after the 2016 presidential election. I’ve also been doing what I can for the Democratic effort, writing hundreds of letters and hundreds of postcards urging others to vote, knocking on doors in swing districts (annoying Phillies and Yankees fans alike), and giving more money than I can comfortably afford. I hope you’re also doing something to contribute a drop or two to the blue wave, even if that’s just voting. Please vote before Election Day if you can; it helps GotV efforts concentrate on lower-propensity voters. And consider picking up a shift at your local phone bank or text bank or with a canvassing effort for the nearest Democratic candidate. Remember the time I knocked on a few doors for Jon Ossoff? That turned out to be a big deal!