It has absolutely nothing to do with today’s comic, but I just recently learned that George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You” is a cover of a 1963 song by a singer named James Ray of whom I had never heard before. I like George’s version, but I think the original is better. Check it out, I bet you’ll like it too.

As for today’s comic, uh. See, on Passover you’re not supposed to eat leavened stuff (chametz), but if you’re an Ashkenazi Jew there’s all kinds of other stuff you’re not supposed to eat either, for reasons I don’t understand, and that stuff is called kitniyot. Most grains are kitniyot. Legumes are kitniyot. Because of kitniyot, Ashkenazim can eat just about nothing during the eight days of Passover but vegetables and animal products (and matzo, of course). Now, I didn’t even know about the kitniyot thing until I was an adult, and now that I do know about it I ignore it, a) because it makes no sense to me—how do you get from “Our ancestors fled from Egypt so fast the bread had no time to rise” to “P.S. Also no lentil soup”?—and b) because, as a vegetarian leaning toward veganism, I don’t want to starve to death during the Festival of Liberation. Also, peanut butter on matzo is great. You should try it if you haven’t. WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING THIS COMIC IS HILARIOUS ONCE YOU KNOW ALL THESE THINGS.