For all you new Small Peculiarteers out there, every year for Passover I berate a cat for not properly respecting the seder, the ceremonial meal at which Jews retell the story of the liberation from slavery in Egypt. It started here and spiraled out of control in subsequent years:

Seder Cat 2
Seder Cat 3
Seder Cat 4
Seder Cat 5
Seder Cat 6
Seder Cat 7
Seder Cat 8
Seder Cat 9
In lockdown, the cat finally got to stay on the seder plate

Now that I have goldfish, maybe I should berate them for an insouciant attitude toward another Jewish holiday. I can’t blame them for not lighting the Chanukah candles, of course, but maybe I could get some mileage out of their inability to blow the shofar for Rosh Hashanah.