Kaiju will sometimes let me use him as a pillow. He’s very amenable to being manhandled.

For fully eleven Passovers I drew comics berating a cat for not respecting the seder, the ceremonial dinner that marks the beginning of the holiday:

It inexplicably began here
Seder Cat 2
Seder Cat 3
Seder Cat 4
Seder Cat 5
Seder Cat 6
Seder Cat 7
Seder Cat 8
Seder Cat 9
In lockdown, the cat finally got to stay on the seder plate
Seder Cat 11

I decided last year that that idea had run its course, but I still drew a Passover comic. What can I say, it’s my favorite holiday, even if you do have to give up eating a lot of stuff. I love a good seder.