Until recently, when my parents called it to my attention, I pronounced this word “le-GOOM.” There are two acceptable pronunciations, but that isn’t one of them. Pronouncing words incorrectly is a natural consequence of getting one’s vocabulary more from written material than from hearing other people talk. And when you communicate with people mostly through the written word, as I do, it can be a long time before someone corrects you.

I think I did an adequate job of conveying a peanut. I often say that I can’t draw but do anyway, but some things are harder to not-draw than others, and peanuts are one of them. Have you ever looked closely at a peanut shell, or even a circus peanut? They have all these weird little pits in them, and weird little pits mean shading, which is beyond my capabilities. I think the fact that it’s a black peanut works in my favor here.